everlasting cashmere. intelligently priced.

Get personal with your cashmere


designed for good

At Garin, we believe that less is more when it comes to streamlining our wardrobes. We’ve created an everlasting cashmere sweater at an intelligent price as part of our mission to support conscious consumerism, while keeping it cool and classic. Each Garin sweater marries Mongolia’s highest quality raw cashmere with Italy’s impeccable craftsmanship and dexterity in production. The result: a timeless sweater that is as aspirational as it is accessible, as luxurious as it is functional. This means that we produce effortless pieces that can withstand the wear and tear of a life well lived.

save our planet

Cashmere sweaters that are good for everyone and your mother (nature).

the designer

Negarin's approach to design draws from her global sensibility and her classical training as an artist and sculptor. She uses clothing as a medium to express her vibrant aesthetic and weaves the story of her art into her ever-evolving collections.