the craft

Cashmere with a Cause

We’ve got good news and not so good news. We’ll give you the good news first. When we set out to create our first Garin sweaters, our uncompromising mission was to create a product that was: unparalleled in quality, long lasting, versatile, cozy yet cool, and good for the planet. We wanted to offer the one elevated item that you will live in and take care of for years to come. The good news? We achieved just that. This means that each sweater produced is a natural part of the planet’s cycle and goes back into the environment at no harm. From our packaging to our sweaters, every part of the final product is biodegradable. 

The not so good news? The fashion industry produces 4% of the world's waste each year, 92 million tons, which is more than toxic e-waste. But fear not, together we can continue to move towards consciously contribute to our planet and our wardrobes.  

We proudly wear our sweaters day after day (after day!) knowing that each one is a small yet mighty step in preserving our planet. Doing good never goes out of style.


A Conscious Process 

We’ve done our research, embarking on countless visits to Mongolia’s Gobi Desert to identify an eco-friendly and animal friendly cashmere that is derived from the hairs of wild goats indigenous to the region. We also cuddled with a lot of adorable goats in the process. Don’t be fooled by their cute demeanor-- these baby goats are extremely intelligent and know what it takes to produce a luxury cashmere. They are closely cared for by their Mongolian herders who immerse themselves into the goats’ lifestyles: feeding them, protecting them, brushing them daily, and collecting their shedding hairs to be cleaned, sorted and spun into yarn. The finest hairs are then processed by one of the most adept Italian knitting companies, transforming the yarn into its most luxe form (14.5-16 microtons). This elevates our sweaters, ensuring that they will never pill or unravel from wear. Plus, each sweater is 100% biodegradable.