Wendy X Garin

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To be worn off the shoulder, if you want it to stay on your shoulders and have a beautifully open V then opt for the smaller size. Wendy wears a size Large.

Product is only available for pre-order! Item will ship at end of November. In a world where fashion often forgets the vibrant voices of women over 50, and society sometimes underestimates the power they hold, a collaboration is here to change that narrative. We are thrilled to launch THE sweater of this season, a partnership between two visionaries, Negarin (founder of GARIN) and Wendy Euler (founder of Goodbye Crop top).

Wendy’s aims to create a community that symbolizes letting go of societal expectations and embracing personal empowerment. It's a growing movement that encourages unlocking creativity, connecting inner and outer beauty, and being the truest version of yourself, regardless of your age.

Garin and Wendy have joined forces to create a sweater that captures the essence of timeless design and unapologetic self-expression.

This is more than just a sweater; it is a design that celebrates women in all their glory. 

Designer Notes: This is meant to be your "cool" effortless winter sweater, you can wear over a t-shirt, tank top, or by itself for a more formal look. We made it in light melange beige tone where stains are not easily noticeable yet provides timeless elegance.

Composed of 100% cashmere. Machine washable, lay flat to dry, please follow care instructions on the label.
Garment will live its best life stored in the bag provided