Ana Dias X Garin

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This comes in three size options: Extra Small/Small, Medium, and Large/Extra Large. Ana wears a size Extra Small/Small. If you would like a more fitted look opt for a small or if you are looking for more of a cool oversized look opt for a size up. Styling tip: Wear this versatile piece with tied-up sleeves, cropped and draped over the shoulders, as a scarf, or classically cinched at the waist. This product comes with two belts, one black and one ivory.

Experience the epitome of style collaboration as Ana Dias, the trailblazing fashion influencer, and Garin, the experts of cashmere craftsmanship, unite to bring you an exclusive 100% cashmere vest.

The process was a symphony of creativity and dedication, resulting in a design that seamlessly merges classic elegance with Ana's signature luxurious style.

This vest isn't just clothing; it's a canvas for your unique style journey, offering endless possibilities for pairing with everything from jeans to cocktail dresses.

Ana Dias and Garin share a commitment to quality and sustainability, embracing the belief that fashion should tell stories, spark emotions, and inspire creativity.

This collaboration is an embodiment of those ideals, a true celebration of luxury, and a testament to the limitless beauty that fashion can achieve when passion and expertise come together.

Designer Notes: This is the ultimate cashmere vest that redefines versatility, empowering you to transform it into countless styles, from a long vest to a cozy shrug, or a luxurious scarf. This vest will encourage you to let your true creativity shine in every outfit.

Composed of 100% cashmere. Machine washable, lay flat to dry, please follow care instructions on the label
Garment will live its best life stored in the bag provided